Thursday, August 24, 2017

Self Reflection at Thirty Six.

Self Reflection at Thirty Six. May I not be pretentious. May the subversive find me with an honest voice. May I be cunning and daring and trade my fear for bravery. Teach me to never believe my own hype. Let me find trust. May it stand on its own. May i be candid, but never blunt. Let me bleed on the page, screen, and stage for all to see. May I never lose my accent, and be the best of whence i came. Let me linger not in my glory. Cast my laurels into the void. May I never want for them. When i eat my own words may they nourish my resolve. May my work be diverse and my characters endearing. May I question my own beliefs, and understand better those I don’t. May my art grow me as i grow my art. When my self destructive moments come may i channel them as a kamikaze explosion. May I be penitent. Allow myself to be loved. Be the good father that listens. Be the good husband that cares. Be so great no one can deny you.

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