Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just think a week from now I'll be in Texas.

Greetings friends and foes,
Hope your all enjoying your summers. I am about a week away from a real vacation, and will be heading down to Texas to visit family and enjoy some life on the farm. I am a bit anxious, as I have a lot to get sorted out this week.

Roxie has finally taken her first steps, though she still isn’t hoofing it across the room. Pretty sweet, as Jessica and I have been practicing with her walking back and forth across my office floor. We have been in cleaning mode, but never seem to be able to stay on top of everything. We need more space and less stuff. Marie never sleeps these days and its making us crazy. She won’t nap, and stays up and cries for an hour every night before bed. Its pretty heartbreaking.

Bad news, EZ-Chewie didn’t make it into the Comic-Con screenings (though we had more views than any of the people that did). Not sure if the judges just flat out hated it, or if we got pinged for the Howard the Duck joke. Though Lucas did the duck movie, Marvel owns it, and seemingly the lawyers don’t want anything they might have to pay for. Either way, it up on youtube now and I plan on taking it out to a festival or two to screen it. Just looking for the right audience at the moment.

(Watch EZ-Chewie again on Youtube)

The new Go Green With Dr. Gangrene shorts i wrote about a few weeks ago are also finished and up and running. They turned out great, and I’ve received letters from about a half dozen horror film fests that want to screen them. Hopefully I’ll get to go to a few of them and meet some of these kind people. Also gearing up for the new Dr. Gangrene shows that will air in October. I’m writing an episode and will be directing three of them. Some other cool stuff is brewing in that camp, and I’ll let you know when it hits. The recommended movies on the Dr Gangrene channel have been doing pretty well, and I’m loving the banter at the end when Larry comes to me for opinions. The first time he did it, I was thrown off, but its been fun. Plenty more of those coming down the pipeline.

Werewolf Of Nashville

Summer Of The Mummy

Numerics - Precious Time also picked up a Telly Award for Best Short Form Music Video. This felt pretty good personally because it was about the only thing we submitted the Quiet Company video to that didn’t come back positive. Numerics record will be coming out shortly, and I am working on another music video with them, as well as a short documentary that will be out in the not to distant future. Its been a fun time being with those guys through the process, and I think your all going to love the record.

Last weekend I saw Sam Raimis “Drag Me To Hell” and loved it. It has a real kickback to his Evil Dead stuff and though it has some CGI, its a good mix between the new and old. As most people know Spider-Man is my favorite comic book, and I think he had done a great job with the first two movies. I don’t completely hate the third one, but lets just say I am hoping the 4th installment is better. It was honestly just nice to see him do something non web-head for a change. That talking goat should be in everything he ever does now.

I also saw Duncan Jones Moon, which of course I have been gushing about since I saw the trailer (which i posted about in an earlier blog). It was everything I hoped for, and I reviewed it in a video on youtube.

I have been trying to do more video blogging, and reviews on youtube. I had not realized how much I began to stutter in the past few years, but being away from public speaking will do that I suppose. I’m working on it, and this is a pretty good medium for me to express myself, even if most of the questions i get pertain to how long I have been growing this beard, and how many titles i have in my dvd library.

About to start reading Tim Lucas Videodrome book, as well as something Taylor Muse has recommended me, just not sure which one. Hope this finds everyone well. Love and miss you all.

Cameron McCasland


Taylor Glen Muse said...

Cameron in Texas?!? When exactly is this happening and how can I go about rubbing my face in that beard?

Cameron McCasland said...

We're coming in on Sunday and staying til about Thursday. I want to see if we can see some baby action as well. Call me.