Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marie Starts School, Texas, & Fright Night Film Fest

Greetings Friends and Foes,
Been busy busy since last time I wrote. I did get a week at home in TEXAS where i pretty much sat around and read books.

Marie started Pre-K last week, and over the weekend got glasses. Lots of adjustments, and I think she is fairing better than I am with it. She has a lovely soul and I’m sure she is going to do well in classes. Jessica and I are both trying are best to stay involved with everything.

I spent the weekend in Louisville KY at the Fright Night Film Festival screening “EZ-CHEWIE” as well as the Dr. Gangrene Environmental Shorts “Werewolf Of Nashville” and “Summer Of The Mummy”. The screenings went well, and EZ-CHEWIE even got a best comedy nomination. I honestly didn’t expect anything since the fest was more horror themed. What was even cooler than the people who showed up to watch the movie were all the people who came up to me during the fest and said they had seen the film (and me) online. I met some very kind people, and saw a few really good films.

Highlights were a short film called The Gynecologist, and the feature length documentary Into The Pit the shocking story of deadpit dot com.

The Gynecologist concerns a gentlemen who goes in for treatment and a Doctor who thinks it absurd. I’m sure it will be making the rounds at festivals, and hopefully will be online soon. You can see the trailer here...

I did a fairly lengthy video blog on The Dead Pit Documentary, but for those who aren’t into that I’ll say that the movie takes a path I didn’t expect, showing two guys who are growing up and trying to confront what they want to do with their lives. Some good dialogue and intriguing stories in this documentary. Again, check it out on the film fest circuit next year if you get a chance.

Stopped by the Gun Town set on my way home. Lee Vervoort is directing his first feature film. Good to see the fine folks at Copper Canyon even if only for a few hours. Western Horror Action you can check the trailer below.

My grandfather turned 90 years old earlier this month. He has a greater beard than mine, and has a great wealth of knowledge. I got to visit with him when I was in Texas which was nice.

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez was traded back to the Texas Rangers yesterday, and I have been ecstatic. He has been one of my all time favorites since I was a kid, and I hope he sticks in Arlington until he decides to leave baseball. The Rangers have been great this year, and while were way back in the West right now the Wild Card is still in reach. Hoping for baseball in October in Texas.

I’ll actually be In Texas a bit in October as my youngest sister Abbie is getting married, as is my good friend (and best man in my wedding) Josiah Holland. Should be good times all around. Let it be understood they are not marrying each other.

Been listening to the White Rabbits a lot lately and revisiting Clem Snide The Ghost Of Fashion which is a favorite of mine.

Reading God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, and trying to decide what to jump into next.

Outside of the film fest I saw Coppolas TETRO which i liked a lot. It has one of the best car crashes I have ever seen put to film. Also watched the terrible 1980s Boogeyman. The script is a mess, and wow the second half goes sour. Also recent viewing of Rob Zombie Halloween, Tropic Thunder, and The Big Lebowski again.

Wrapped up two new episodes of “Dr. Gangrenes Creature Feature”. I wrote one by my self and another with Larry, and I think they both have some great gags. They will be airing in October on the CW, and I’ll try to get more specific dates and times when I have them. Working on some cool stuff in that camp right now, including some live shows featuring “Return Of The Living Dead”, and one of my all time favorites “The Ghost And Mr. Chicken”. We’re also going to do some Trick or Treat specific Public Service Announcements, which should be a lot of fun. I’m planning on doing a zombie bit in George Demicks new film next week, as they go to break the world record.

I’m also shooting a music video at the end of the month here in Nashville for a Heavy Metal Band. I think its going to be a blast! Details again when I can give them. Have a few more things I’m developing, but I’m honestly ready to take a small break and get some scripts hammered out. I was talking with the guys in Quiet Company about another video, but I don’t think we are going to be able to get together soon on that. Hopefully they’ll consider me again when they get another single going. You really should have a copy of their record by now. Also still Hammering out some final stuff on the Numerics documentary, as well as another music video for those guys who also have a record coming that you should hear.

Next weeks marks my 28th Birthday, and boy howdy I’m feeling pretty accomplished in my 27th year on planet Earth. It’s good to be alive, and loved. I hope this finds you all well.

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Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Just watched your video blog...I think I'm going to try to do a few of these on CineRobot! Didn't know you did a blog...just linked it. I hope you do more posts.