Monday, January 4, 2010

Get out of bed sleepyhead, It's Cold and there isn't school today.

Today started with me getting Marie out of bed for school. Jessica was up with us at 7:00 am to get her dressed and bundled. The snow was coming in steady this morning and though I started the car twenty minutes before we left the windows were all a smear with snow and ice. (Later in the day i found my scraper). I knew something was amiss as I was driving. No kids at bus stops, and no crossing guard. Seems today was Teacher in service day and she doesn’t start back until tomorrow. Up an hour early and out in the cold for no good reason. Marie thought I was crazy. She was out an extra week since she had her tonsils out, so I have a feeling it may be a chore to find a routine again. On the upside she crashed right at 9:00 pm due to being up so early.

I got fitted for my Emmy tuxedo today. Going black again. I used the same place as last year, and consequently for my sisters wedding back in October. The guy said my measurements were way off what they had on file. Since October I dropped 7 pants sizes, 2 coat sizes, and lost two inches off my collar. Jessica said just this morning i had lost a lot of weight in my face. That made me feel pretty good, as I don’t have a huge cheering team, or trainer keeping track. I just knew i had dropped some pounds and had to cinch my belt a bit more. Smaller waist and bigger beards are what I’m pulling for.

I talked to Larry Underwood last night about some proposed Dr. Gangrene projects that sound great. Its a good exercise in writing, as we need a bulk of content before jumping in. Looking forward to that.

My journal (that i started just a few days back) has been misplaced. I have a feeling Marie has procured it, and is hiding it away. I hope to have it when the sun comes up.

I keep meaning to watch The Hangover, but have been waiting for jessica. I was a little bummed she took a four hour trip tonight for a rabbit cage, and came home without a rabbit cage. Oh well. Spent the evening going through toy boxes and doing laundry.

Been listening to Price Hits Volume 1, Led Zeppelin Early Days, Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane.

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