Saturday, January 2, 2010

Staying On Target & On To The Next One

In an effort to stay on my task I wanted to offer some quick anecdotes to my last few days. I spent the evening of New Years Day watching Something Something Something Dark Side With Jessica. I really liked what Family Guy did with Blue Harvest, and this is probably equally as funny. My favorite gag was probably the Don Don as one of my all time favorite jokes on Family Guy is the “Why are their so many ostriches” gag. Marie watches way to much Family Guy for her own good, and I’m glad she was sleeping when we watched it. I hope she is able to enjoy The Empire Strikes Back on its own merits instead of it just being reasons to get the jokes from that episode of Family Guy.

The only thing i listened to that day was Black Eyes Peas, as i thought it was funny to do so on New Years Day. I like their album, and think Will.I.AM has done a great job in the past year growing his audience. In my opinion is the entertainer who benefited the most from the election of President Obama. His campaign video was a great concept, and his election day video was very heartwarming. He seems to have a good idea about doing things lo-fi, but on the flip of a coin he can shut down Chicago and have Oprah fans dancing in unison.

Today I woke to find that my Lloyd from the band Numerics was hit by a drunk driver while taking members of his family back to the airport after a holiday visit. I talked with him this afternoon and he was seemingly doing alright. Luckily no one was killed, though he is a bit banged up. Of course his car was smashed to bits, but these things are easily fixed.

I also stopped by an Office Supply store and grabbed a fresh journal to log short thoughts and make lists today. Taylor Muse (who keeps a great blog at ) taught me a great lesson in making checklist for the day years ago when we were room mates. Listing all the mundane things you do like eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, visiting grocery stores, alongside things you want to accomplish like writing or reading. My hopes is to keep this daily as well as be able to jot down what i listened to, and the things i ate that day for later consumption and to pass on to you readers as merited.

I listened to Marvin Gayes Whats Going On Deluxe Edition, Diana Ross & The Supremes 2oth Century Masters, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes Greatest Hits, and Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I started Roger Corman’s Biography “How I Made A Hundred Movies In Hollywood And Never Lost A Dime” which i have read in bits over the years. Its the first thing on my reading list for the year, and I suggest it to any adventurous film makers on a budget.

I also just say the brand new Jay-Z video for "On To The Next One". It is a masterwork in simplicity, with few camera movements and striking black and white imagery. Check It Out!

Jessica has been sleeping since i got back home. I may watch a movie now.

I’ll leave you with a quick video I did on youtube that rehashes a lot of the things i said in my last blog. I’ll probably repaste most of my videos in my blog, as I’m a whore to shameless self promotion.

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