Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sniffle Week

Sniffle Week

Been a bit under the weather this weekend, with sniffles and soreness. I haven’t left the house since friday afternoon and have not not been terribly productive this weekend. This week has been full of news story that had me thinking and conversing with friends and foes alike.

Haiti seems like a wasteland, and while my thoughts and hopes are with those people I have tried not to watch much footage. I can’t take the destruction of it.

Mark McGwire finally admitted he cheated on baseball by taking steroids. I always thought he did a better thing by not talking than lying like so many others. Its hard for me really, as I love the game and the summer he and Sosa were chasing Maris is what brought me back after the strike decimated my affection towards the game. I hope he can move past it, and offer his knowledge to a new generation. The tradition of baseball is more important than any hall of fame.

Jay & Conan are shaking thinks up at NBC. I put full blame on the network for this one. You don’t move someone out at the top of their game the way Leno was put out to pasture, furthermore once you do it you don’t take it away from the new kid and give it back to the old man. They have cannibalized their viewers. While Leno once reigned supreme with Conan playing after, I doubt he will pull close to the same numbers in that time slot. Letterman will be the clear winner, and since he was the first one that NBC screwed that seems justified. I still think Jimmy Kimmel is the funniest guy in late night.

Sony split ways with Sam Raimi & crew on Spider-Man 4, or as they were calling it Spider-M4n. I’m really proud of Sam Raimi if what I think happened, happened. I assume that Raimi knew he made a stinker out of part 3, but only because the studio forced him to work the Venom Saga. Rather than back down to the studios again he held his ground at his own peril. So far everyone is playing nice, and since Sony must make another film in the next two years or rights to the franchise revert back to Marvel, we can all expect something. I think it sucks that Spidey has to go back to High School. Peter Parker always worked best for me as a college student trying to balance school, work, and love life, wile keeping New York safe from villainy. At the very least with a reboot, we may get a movie where Spider-Man can keep his damn mask on for a change. Should be something to witness true believers. Excelsior!

My old alma mater East Texas Baptist University tore down the Merle Bruce Dorms recently. Someone sent me a video of the destruction, and I was pretty sad about it. I have kept little contact with most of the students i met during my time there, and ultimately what I learned with that time is who I didn’t want to be. That being said, I shared a few rounds of puppy love in that foyer, and I’m sad to see it go. I’m not sure I’ll ever be invited back to ETBU, and I don’t know if I’m ok with that or not.

The heat in our house is working again. A few people gave it a look, and we may need some electrical work done. Someone tightened a wire, and I changed the fuses myself (as legally they couldn’t) and it all is running fine. We spent last weekend and the first few days of the week in layers and space heaters. All of us have been sick since.

Golden Globes tonight were alright. I think Tarantino got robbed on all fronts. Oddly enough i still haven’t been able to see Avatar. I have every intention and I adore James Cameron, but I think Basterds is a masterpiece. I also thought Mo’Nique gave a very heartfelt speech. I never in a million years would of though the star of “Hair Show” would have a shot at a major film award, but she nailed it. I need to see the Hurt Locker soon to form an opinion, I have a gut feeling she is going to get the directing Oscar, as Its due time a woman gets a turn in that spotlight. However my fanboy heart is still routing for Tarantino and the Basterds.

On other not so movie star heavy awards show fronts, I booked my tickets to the Emmys. It looks like my parents and two of my sisters will be joining me along with Jessica. I’ve been thinking about it a lot more this week. Its weird when you have to think about what you would say when cast in front of a few thousand people in a room who have no clue who you are, as well as a television audience. Sometimes I’d like to say something noble, while other times I think i should do something wild and try to get on The Soup or Best Week Ever. Either way I guess i need to win it first.

I watched Dance Party USA for the first time this week. I’ve made somewhat of a study of the movies dubbed Mumblecore in the last few months. I consider it research on people making low budget films. I really liked Aaron Katz film Quiet City, but Dance Party USA didn’t have the likable characters. Its just hard for me to route for a asshole slacker rapist i guess. I plan on doing a Video Blog about some of the stuff I have watched, but the Narcissism in some of these films is scary really. I hope my generation has better stories to tell, or at least some that have more hope. Honestly though I wouldn’t advise against seeing this movie, its pretty well crafted.

My obsession this week has been the Adidas Originals Star Wars Skywalker shoes. Adidas is doing an entire line of kicks based on the films. You mix bright Sneakers and Star Wars and you really get my attention. These are my favorite of the bunch, and If I can find them when they come out next month I’ll probably buy a pair.

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I found a really fun blog in . It’s pretty much a guy who wears a Mexican wrestling mask talking about action figures and posting photos of retro toys. Its been a while since I really bought action figures, which I attribute to funneling my money to other projects, as well as having a pair of daughters. I do have a box of toys in the attic, and I still but out He-man and Skeletor from time to time and make lazer noises as they clash swords.

I also did a VLOG a few days back, some of which doubles up what I talked about last blog, but for those who love staring into my beard, i present it for your enjoyment.


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Great blog. I love to read your thoughts. Good Luck at the award show. Keep these blogs coming!!!

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Worked great! Glad your posting more stuff...I need to do some of these video posts...

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