Friday, January 29, 2010

Lost in the Rye

Greetings Friends And Foes,
I join you from a snowstorm in Nashville. At this moment my baby sister Abbie has arrived for this weekends Emmy festivities with my parents and sisters Bethenna, and Jillian. Jill decided to come about 7 hours before they left town and is bring my niece and nephew. Beth has never visited me in Nashville, so while this will be a quick trip it’s a good first experience I hope.

Its been a whirlwind week. I went to see Black Dynamite this weekend, and it was probably the most I have laughed in a theater since I saw Shaun Of The Dead. My jaw dropped and then it fell off. I cannot recommend it enough.

I met with the Numerics on Monday about another music video, and some discussions on how to release the short documentary I directed about the making of their record last year. Some good stuff is in store in that camp. We watched a lot of footage, and set some dates to shoot. They will be playing some shows in the Nashville area over the course of this month, and you should check for details and to listen to their tunes.

Tuesday I shot a party for a Chamber Of Commerce meeting. This is not my forte by any means, but the money was good and I’m doing anything to raise funds for my feature right now. I never wanted to be a videographer, as Its pretty stifling to creativity in my opinion, not to mention incredibly worrying as you only get one shot at it. They did a handful of songs in costumes, as well some parody songs. The people in the room seemed to eat it up. It was a long day and I crashed pretty hard that night.

Wednesday my grandfather called to wish me luck for the weekend. He rarely speaks on the phone as his hearing isn’t great anymore. It was a really good feeling. I also got a little pink card from post office saying that a package would be waiting for me the next morning. It was amazing because the package had been missing and contained a great deal of work. While I had backups this contained a lot of raw footage that might have not been seen again. I picked it up Thursday morning and the world was right again. I also picked up my Tuxedo, which looks good, but they forgot suspenders, so I need to go by and pick some up.

Yesterday I had a great amount of time to myself to collect my thoughts, do some housework, and prepare for the weekend. I had lunch with my friend Preston at the Bar-B-Cutie and discussed all things under the sun. I missed The State Of The Union address, and he filled me in on the highlights. I heard on the radio that JD Salinger died. I have read Catcher In The Rye, and enjoyed it. Mostly when I think of Salinger I think of the parody of him that Shawn Connery did in Finding Forrester. I just hope he has a lost manuscript titled “You’re The Man Now Dawg!” If you aren’t familiar with his work, I’ll give you the short version. Many people feel that Catcher In The Rye is a perfect book, and that Salinger is the most important American author of the twentieth century. He wrote Catcher, and a handful of short stories before becoming a recluse and not publishing for forty years. Rumors abound that he continued writing and that those works would be released after his death. We’ll see what shows up I suppose. Could be a great revelation or the Phantom Menace of literature.

3-D film making has seem to have hit its stride this week. They announced that both of the Harry Potter films, as well as Clash Of The Titans are going to get a 3-d exhibition. And Tinto Brass the director of Caligula has announced that he is making a pornographic movie using the new 3-d technology. I have yet to see Avatar (though I want too). Yet I have never seen a 3-D film that uses the technology for the sake of storytelling. I always use the Yo-Yo sequence in Friday The 13th 3-D as a good example of people just using gimmicks to throw stuff at you. Panasonic also announced a new 3-D camera that is much more affordable. I expect to see them churning stuff out, and with the right idea, we may see a new gold rush.

Apple finally announced the I-Pad this week. I had been eagerly anticipating it, as I don’t want an Iphone due to the service contract, but don’t want an Itouch for lack of camera. I was dismayed to find that the I-Pad won’t have a camera either. I’m sure it will come next generation, but its lame. My soul purpose for needing a camera on a touch or pad is the Hitchcock storyboard application. I want to use it, but won’t sign up for the phone plan. I am surrounded by WI-FI and don’t need it.

I hope you all have your fingers crossed for me this weekend. We’re going to live it up.

From The Ice Planet Hoth

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Good Luck with the award show. I lok forward to your coming work as well.